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羅兆愉女士 Ms. Fanny Siu-Yu LO

Psychological Counsellor
Registered Music Therapist   (Health and Care Professions Council UK)
Founder of Mindful Harpalogue (IMMA Certified Program)
Mindfulness Mentor (IMMA accredited) 
University Lecturer 
2017 - 2022Lecture on Child Devlopment; Thesis & Practicum Supervision


Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I have been providing counselling, music therapy, training and teaching services for many years. I was awarded the Hong Kong Sir Robert Black Scholarship and obtained a Master's degree in Music Therapy from the UK, and later completed a Master's degree in Counselling. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  By combining knowledge and skills in psychology, mindfulness and music therapy in my therapy work, I collaborate with clients to find their unique way to maintain their spitrual well-being.  

Child and Youth Devlopemnt 

I believe every child is unique and precious. Children are often seen to have behavioral problems; but in fact these are all neccessary experience for personal growth and exploration. Having combined my knowledge in child development with counselling skills, I launched a "Mentorship program" - that is tailored for your child and aims at achieving an effective intervention building on love, trust and respect without unnecessary labelling on the child. 

Women's Mindful Living

Nowadays, women have multiple roles and responsibilities in the workplace and at home, which can easily lead to negligence of their own needs or even loss of their identities. How we could strike a balance amongst these roles and responsiblities is an art of life. "Mindful Harpalogue" - a pioneer program that combines arts, mindfulness with counselling, aims at helping every woman to rediscover their inner selves and maintain their mental and emotional well-being, so as to achieve such balance in their lives. 

Education & Training 

Today, people are more aware of the importance of cultivating mental and emotional well-being from a younger age than before. I believe that by nurturing more teachers and therapists, they are more able to pay attention to their students' psychological needs. In addition to frontline counselling work, I place a greater empahsis on passing on my knowledge and experience to others through teaching.  I am now teaching in a Bachelor's degree and a Postgraudate diploma at university, lead students in conducting academic research and supervise students' practicum. 

Early Experience & Future Prospects - Daily Spiritual Living​

During my studies in the UK, I mainly interned in adult psychiatric hospitals, elderly day centers and pediatrics department in a public hospital. The service targets included children with special needs (e.g. Autism, Developmental delay, Down's syndrome), adolescents and adults with emotional distress or mental illness (e.g. depression, anxiety, dementia, personality disorder).  I conducted assessments and treatments for them. In addition, I pioneered the use of harp in therapy. I majored in harp performance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts before and have been practising the intergration of harp in my therapeutic sessions with clients.

Since 2011, Fanny Lo Music Therapy and Psychotherapy Centre has expanded its service from people with special needs to the general public. I actively collaborate with schools, private organisations, universities and NGOs and organize a wide variety of activities, including seminars, workshops and training courses.  I also write articles for a magazine called "Rehabiliation Express" and newspapers to promote the importance of maintaining our healthy inner well-being. 

When it comes to mental health, we sometimes mistakenly believe that it only concerns a small group of people or needs to be aware only at certain times. In fact, similar to maintaining physical health, we all need to intake daily mental "vitamins" in order to maintain our healthy inner well-being. 


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