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School Students


Mentorship Program

​Child and Youth Counselling

Guidance and Inspiration 

Facing children's problems

​Parents feel helpless in teaching their children; everything you have tried is ineffective, and is even worsening

​Are you tired, parents?


Parents are exhausted.  You can try to let go while still expressing your love to your children

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Let go and let me walk with you

The intervention of a therapist facilitates a communication with your children and provides an opportunity to understand their needs. 

Heart & Hands

​Your children participating in mentorship program

​Let me walk with your children and be his mentor and friend

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  Does your child have any of the following conditions?

       Unmotivated,Addicted to tv games,Emotional problems,No confidence. Rebellious etc. 

  A Story to share 

 " At first, my son participated in this program because of his unsatisfactory grades and bad temper. It turned out that my parenting and reminders turned into distrust and incompetence in his eyes.  The relationship between everyone becomes even more tense..."      Mrs. Chan


Mrs Chan saw the changes after her son had come, and slowly realized why her parenting was in vain. 


Every time when I see the change and growth of young people, and the breaking of the ice in the relationship between parents and their children, I am grateful for everyone's joint efforts and mutual trust, so that life can affect life. 

Experience before the age of eighteen has a decisive impact on a person's life. Before the age of eighteen, people are like sponges that constantly absorb and shape their own character. The children who participated in the program in the past were whom their parents actually cherished very much. Love is definitely there, but what they lack is just effective communication and understanding of their children's "secret code." 





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