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Crossing the River

​Professional  Counseling

Embrace life's challenges 

Professional Counselling

According to the World Health Organization, health refers to the complete state of physical, mental and social well being. In modern society, caring about one's own spirtual life has become a new trend. Especially in western society, seeking counselling is quite common. Just as American psychologist Erikson described, there are eight stages in life.   I believe there are at times we find the ups and downs are hard to go through, but after digestion and intergration, we experience freedom in making conscious life choices, and in turn becomes our own blessings.

Caring about your own spiritual growth is not limited to those who are emotionally troubled, but everyone who has a willingness for making changes. 

  If you want some changes 

  • Marital relationship

  • Child discipline

  • Personal growth

  • Insomnia

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Anxiety

  • Interpersonal relationship

  • Stress mangement

  • Depression

  • Direction in life

  • Family relationship

  • Others

I would love to hear your story 

I believe that everyone has his/her own inner strengths.  They are only hindered in times of troubles, but they are always there. I would love to listen to you, walk with you in each step, and toward a deepr self-exploration. Embrace your past, explore the present, plan for the future, and you can see your inner values and beliefs . After all, how to live our life is entirely our choice.

I will follow the Code of Conduct of the Hong Kong Counselling Institute and keep the information collected confidential in accordance with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

I'm here for you 

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