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Mindfulness is a mental exercise,  awareness of the current state of mind, the flow of emotions, noticing rather than criticizing. It helps us regulate our emotions, improve our well-being and deal with stress, negativity, and anxiety. Practicing mindfulness nurtures our minds. Integrating arts into mindfulness, practicing awareness of the moment through different artistic experiences, and in turn enhancing our mindfulness experience in everyday life.  Mindful Harpalogue does not require any artistic foundation, as the guiding principle of "low technique, high expression" is often heard in Expressive Arts Therapy. This principle allows beginners to enjoy using music and art as a basis for mindfulness practice. In other words, the role of music and art is to help us feel more concretely a mindful attitude, thereby helping us feel alive in the present moment and find the balance of life that belongs to our own heart. I attach the importance of self-awarenss in us, and naturally walk with you towards a deeper self-exploration and self-acceptance. 

Art-based Minfulness Practice
Mindful Harpalogue 

Women's Mindful Living 

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A space for your soul 

A woman's spirtual space, through

arts-based mindulness practice to achieve physical and spiritual balance. 


The course is accredited by IMMA


Be yourself   Mindful Living 

Mindful Harpalogue is tailored for women

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​Be yourself  accept yourself


Mindful Harpalogue is devoted to warm your soul, no matter laughter, tears or cries, and you are amazing just the way you are. Don't forget there are always angels on our  self-love journey.

A respectful space  to re-dialogue with yourself


[harp-pa-logue] noun ; a new word that combine Harp with Dialogue ; A space for you to gently touch your inmost soul. A place to remind us that you are important, your words and feelings matters, you deserve love and respect . A self-love journey pampers with warmth and comfort. Harp is a symbol of  Love

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Embark on a healing journey of loving yourself


Enjoy this  mindful  journey. Come and join us.

I remember a workaholic woman in the workplace who experienced the pressure of having long working hours without a rest. I asked her to listen to herself playing the harp. It is rushy and unsteady. I asked her to try to slow down and played again. She said that it was difficult to slow down. I can't do it...I invited her to feel the difficulty again, and be aware of her body and inner feelings... As she said, a superwoman slowly emerged in her mind. This scene became a new breakthrough, taking her back to a set of cartoons she watched when she was a child. It turned out that the image of this superwoman had deeply influenced her, and even became her ideological value, and she couldn't stop working even she did not want to. This discovery  gave her a new understanding of herself and she slowly regained her balance. It turns out that life is always with choices.

Talking to her through the harp, in fact, the more important thing is the dialogue between her and her own heart.


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A space for you 

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