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Hey There,  I'm Fanny Lo

I'm a facilitator, personal development mentor and your companion to maintain your mental wellness, release your power and potential, and navigate your life direction.

If you want to know a little more..........

I remember as a child, I always liked to ask myself - who am I? How to define myself?

When I grew up, I started to realize that the questions I asked was a reflection of how much importance I placed in being aware of my inner self, which helped me to be true to myself in my life.

 " I invite you to ask yourself a question - "Why am I doing this repeatedly?" or "Why I always have this feeling?"

I used to have a little habit of getting up at six in the morning to do housework. I kept this habit without asking.  Even somehow I felt I did it aimlessly, I thought I should keep doing it.

To maintain your inner awareness is to ask yourself questions often, and slowly you will find out more about yourselves. Later on, I then found that actually I didn't enjoy the habit of doing housework early in the morning at all. I was just unconsciously repeating everything I saw my mom was doing while I was a child. Later, I realized that this little habit still associated with a deep emotion in my mind (indebted to my mum for her hard work, and my gratitude to her), and such habit was therefore not easy to get rid of.

It turns out that even a little habit has its own story. I couldn't realize that there could be a choice, I couldn't realize that I liked to live in a slower pace, but ended up repeating the habit unconsciously.

 "Even if it is a little habit in life, it turns out that as long as you learn to be more    aware of why it occurs,  you will get closer to understand your inner needs."

Discover this unknown part of yourself, and you will know how to choose what's the best option for you in your life.


This morning, I chose to prepare a nice breakfast for myself, look at the blue sky, and enjoy the tranquility of having a cup of tea and reading.

Everyday I learn to be myself, always keep my inner awareness, and find the right balance in my life. 

My life motto is "Be Myself" and woud love to know yours.  

I 'd love to hear your story.....


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